Career In Architecture – Should I Go For It?

Well, when it comes to a career in architecture, there are pros and cons to deal with. Architecture can be an exciting career for someone who is creative. But you need to have an aptitude for it. Otherwise, you might find it really boring. It can be the best career to explore your creativity. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing a career in architecture.

You will be doing what you love

Yes, this is the first thing come to our mind. Architecture has come a way long, especially with the help of technological advancements. Today, we rely on 3D rendering services to assess the output during the design phase. Architecture is a job that needs lot of passion to have a career in it. If you can’t see yourself doing anything else other than an architect, then you are qualified to be an architect. It requires lots of creativity as stated before. And if you are a perfectionist, you will fall in love with the job. It is an opportunity for you to express yourself through your creativity.

You love to do lot of different stuff

Well, in that case, you won’t find it boring at all.

• Architecture projects are inherently complex. And if you love complexity, you will love every minute spend on it.

• Architecture is not just about doing a single thing. You will be doing so many things as an architect.

• When it comes to architecture, the trends are always changing. Moreover, technologies also evolve constantly. If you have a dynamic personality, you are definitely going to love this aspect of being an architect.

• You need to learn constantly about the new trends and technologies. It can be exciting for an active mind seeking knowledge. For example, learning 3D rendering can be really fun and exciting.

Now let’s take a look at some of the cons of being an architect.

Requires lot of effort

Yes, being an architect is not easy. It requires lot of effort from your side. It may take years to become an architect as it has long training period. We can safely say that it will take minimum 8 years to become a professional architect. You need to do 5 year bachelor’s degree and 3 years’ master’s degree to be finally a licensed architect here in the US. Well, that might be a very long period for many. That makes it very clear that being an architect requires lot of patience. If you don’t have it, then you can’t be a successful architect.

Hours and pay

As far as salary is considered, it is not bad. In fact, if you are a famous or successful architect, you will be making lots of money. However, you need to understand that you spend lot of money on your training and license. And it might take years to recover that investment. But if you have become a successful architect, you will not have to look back.

Making Your Reception Unique And Unforgettable

Wedding is a very unique and beautiful event that remains evergreen in the memory of every couple. You have to plan well to make your wedding successful. 

From pre-wedding party to reception, you have ample chance to arrange your big day to make it unique and unforgettable. Even, you can play with your invitations too. Use laser cut wedding stationery and cards to invite your guests. This will add elegance to your invitation.

Finding innovative laser cut wedding stationery is not a big deal. Choose the right store and order the design that captivates you the most.

Here are some unique ideas to create a great wedding reception.

1. You should make a natural and happy ambience. This is the most important thing because people go to the wedding parties to enjoy, so you must pay attention to their relaxation. Make a great flow of everything you will arrange at the party. No one likes to wait long to get foods, so keep sufficient food stalls.

2. Everybody will love to see a live show and guests also love band performances. If you hire a band, make sure they play slow and melodious music because loud music will destroy the happy ambience and guests will be annoyed. Low volume and nice music will make them happy and enjoy the show, you can adjust the volume when guests will start dance.

3. Long speeches are a very bad idea and you should not leave any microphone at the stage where your family members can easily reach. And it will be horrible if they drink too much, so keep it away. And important speeches should be given at the starting hour of the party.

4. Make a harmony of serving the food like serve food items to all your guests at a time. People do not want the situation where a team has finished their dinner and other team is still waiting for food.

5. Make a contrast of decoration and use all types of lighting shades to decorate. Do not use too much bright light in one place; also use dim lights which will make that place romantic. You can use candles to decorate the place. But keep in mind that it will enhance the heat, so air conditions should be used to keep that place cool.

6. Be aware of the people who drink too much because they can ruin the party. So if the situation needs an action, then act quickly ask the guest to leave.

7. Overcrowded place are annoying so the venue should be large and make the guest list according to the venue. There should be sufficient place that people can eat and sit.

8. Flowers are very useful to decorate the place and it should be fresh. Hire an expert florist who will decorate the area with positive flowers.